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Fidelta’s toxicology group supports integrated drug discovery projects by standard and customized studies in rodents.

Our primary objective is to discharge in vivo safety liabilities through tailored study design. We offer you investigative, problem solving studies with fit-for-purpose, integrated assessment of multiple endpoints (general toxicology, pathology and DMPK endpoints).

You can benefit from our broad experience with different targets and mechanisms as it allows us to deal with unexpected findings or toxicity issues during the course of the research projects.

In vivo experiments are performed in AAALAC-I accredited State-of-the-Art animal facility with:

  • Continuous AAALAC-I accreditation status since 2008.
  • Competent veterinary personnel (with training equivalent to FELASA Category C and D requirements) and highly experienced technicians
    and hygiene personnel (with training equivalent to FELASA category A and B requirements)
  • Animal related research based on the 3R principles and high performance standards ensuring animal welfare,
    humane and ethical use of animals in scientific research
  • Ensured ethical review carried out by Institutional Ethics Committee
  • SPF Barrier Unit equivalent to BSL-2
  • Licensed Laboratory Animals Science (LAS) courses equivalent to FELASA Category B and C training requirements.