We offer you vertically integrated pharmacology and pharmacological assays and models for drug discovery and development projects as well as clear guidance for the screening cascade to be pursued.

Our pharmacologists have clinical research background and expertise in various biology disciplines acquired in pharmaceutical R&D, working on integrated drug discovery.

Pharmacology services offered at Fidelta:

  • Integration of in vitro and in vivo to put molecular observations in the context of the organism as a whole:
    • Biochemical assays on various protein classes delivered by different screening technologies supported by assay development, optimization and validation
    • Disease relevant in vitro assays
    • Access to and assays in human disease tissue
    • In vivo animal models (models of inflammation, bacterial and viral infection and fibrosis)
  • Tight integration of efficacy evaluations supported by safety and DMPK profiling of drug actions as well as medicinal chemistry team.
  • Focusing on key questions in designing the critical path forward, reducing timelines and optimizing use of resource.

In vivo experiments are performed in a state-of-the-art animal facility with continuous AAALAC-I accreditation status since 2008 and OLAW accreditation since 2018. Animal welfare, humane and ethical use of animals in scientific research is ensured by an ethical review carried out by our Institutional Ethics Committee and by expert veterinary personnel with training equivalent to FELASA Category C and D requirements and highly experienced technicians and hygiene personnel with training equivalent to FELASA Category A and B requirements.

All of our researchers speak English fluently and all of our scientific reports and laboratory notebooks are written in English. The end result is that we boast competitive prices for high-end science performed according to EU environment, health and safety regulations, and highest data integrity standards.

Contact us if you are looking for an experienced and reliable European partner for drug discovery solutions. We offer high-end science as Integrated Drug Discovery services or stand-alone Pharmacology services.