Medicinal Chemistry

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Making efficacious, safe and differentiated molecules

Success of your drug discovery largely depends on the medicinal chemist’s ability to see the big picture. Key decisions must be made taking into account the whole range of biological, pharmacological and pharmacokinetic data, with an appreciation of the intellectual property space.

Our medicinal chemists, armed with knowledge earned in pharma and biotech companies, are skilled in seeing the bigger picture and enthusiastic to contribute to your:

  • Hit identification
  • Hit to lead
  • Lead optimization
    • First in class
    • Back-up chemical series
    • Fast follower approach
  • Preclinical candidate identification
  • Or the whole H2L2C process
  • Rational approach to drug design
    • Ligand based drug design
    • Structure based drug design

The integrated approach to medicinal chemistry

Building upon identified hits we will design, make and profile a hit series using modern synthetic methods and principles, computer aided drug design, supported by our in-house capacity for in vitro screening, ADME/PK and safety evaluation. After your hits are successfully transformed to leads, we can rapidly optimise them through multiple cycles of medicinal chemistry re-designs and biological evaluation.

By profiling for desirable physicochemical characteristics the risk of compound attrition is reduced. Promising compounds can be quickly progressed into animal pharmacokinetics and efficacy models to validate the correlation of the specific target with a positive effect in animals. The process will continue until a suitable preclinical candidate is selected. Throughout you can be confident of regular communication and a transparent view of our recommendations and decisions to ensure the focus of our activities toward a successful project outcome.

Therapeutic areas we delivered in

  • Infections and infectious diseases
  • Bacterial/Parasitic/Inflammation
  • Oncology Pulmonary/Respiratory diseases
  • Cardiology/Vascular diseases
  • Psychiatry

Mission accomplished: Proof of quality

We know you want a reliable partner for innovative, fast and creative chemistry. To accomplish this we:

  • Apply high data integrity standards for your intellectual property (IP) protection
  • Use modern technology (microwave reactors, parallel synthesis devices and mass-directed autopurification systems)
  • Accelerate organic synthesis with self-service analytical systems
  • Apply rigorous expert analytical chemistry control to final products
  • Constantly increase our skills and knowledge
  • Write scientific reports and laboratory notebooks in English, the language all our researchers are fluent in
  • Follow strict environment, health and safety regulations

Many of the drug molecules designed and produced within our labs have progressed to preclinical and clinical trials. As a result we possess a strong understanding and an in-depth knowledge of the technologies that can be applied in drug discovery of all the major target classes. This is exemplified in hundreds of published scientific papers and patents with Fidelta’s medicinal chemists as authors and named inventors.

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