Custom Synthesis

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Materializing your ideas

Quickly and efficiently fulfilling your synthesis request is the main goal of Fidelta’s custom synthesis team. The years of providing creative solutions make us the perfect choice for solving difficult problems and making complex tasks simpler.

We will provide:

  • Synthesis of standards, comparator compounds, building blocks
  • Synthesis of small to medium sized libraries
  • Synthesis of degradation products or impurities
  • Synthesis of human metabolites
  • Synthesis of deuterated compounds
  • Pro-drugs to improve pharmacokinetic properties
  • Solutions to a specifically difficult reaction step in the synthetic route
  • Resolution of the enantiomers via synthesis of the diastereoisomers
  • And any other request in synthetic chemistry

Custom synthesis is well supported and the product quality guaranteed by our in-house discovery analytical services and structural analysis . After completing the task, each compound can be accompanied by either a detailed research report or Certificate of Analysis, thus providing all synthetic and analytical data relevant for production and quality of your product.

Find out more about our experience…

Innovation is the right word to describe our main contribution to your project. Heterocycles, macrocycles, macrolide-steroids conjugates, amino acids and peptides are just some of the chemotypes we have worked with. Target molecules are obtained using different synthetic transformations and functional group inter-conversions such as:

  • Asymmetric catalysis
  • Transition metal catalysis
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Natural product synthesis

To answer a challenge we will employ microwave assisted synthesis, resort to multistage synthesis, or just use parallel synthesis to make small to medium sized focused libraries. Let us apply modern synthetic methods and principles to synthesize your compounds by unifying hard science with scientific creativity.

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