Our goal is to provide efficacious, safe, and differentiated preclinical candidates.

We place a strong emphasis on translational science, focusing on disease-relevant animal models and ex-vivo studies where appropriate from patient samples, with the discovery process driven by expert medicinal chemistry and ADME/PK. Inflammation and infection are our core expertise, accompanied by experience in additional therapeutic areas.
Macrocyclic chemistry is a particular forte of Fidelta.

Integrated Drug Discovery

Having experience in both pharma and biotech R&D, we are well aware of what it means to discover a hit and transform it into a drug. You can best benefit from this “insider” experience through our integrated drug discovery services built upon:

  • Extensive experience in drug discovery, from target validation to early preclinical development
  • Established track record of hit and lead identification, preclinical and clinical candidate delivery
  • Full range of in-house drug discovery capabilities including chemistry, pharmacology, ADME, protein production and structural biology, computational chemistry, pharmacokinetics and toxicology
  • Therapeutic area expertise, primarily in inflammation and infection
  • Medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis to design and produce the desired compounds
  • Strong emphasis on translational science
  • Multidisciplinary team of high-performing bench scientists
Integrated Drug Discovery


Your project is important. If entrusted to us, it will be given the attention it deserves through personalised project management. At the end of the day, we are acutely aware that only a satisfied and successful customer is likely to return.

We offer high-end science at competitive prices in one of the following ways:

  • All-inclusive integrated drug discovery package
  • Stand-alone chemistry services – tailor our contribution to perfectly complement your own research
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Custom synthesis
  • Scale-up
  • Computer aided drug design
  • Discovery analytical services
  • Early development
  • Structural analysis and interactions


We offer you vertically integrated pharmacology and pharmacological assays and models for drug discovery and development projects as well as clear guidance for the screening cascade to be pursued. Our pharmacologists have clinical research background and expertise in various biology disciplines acquired in pharmaceutical R&D, working on integrated drug discovery.

Integrated Pharmacology services:



We offer comprehensive in vitro ADME, pharmacokinetic and bioanalytical services to assist and guide medicinal chemistry programs in hit-to-lead and lead optimization or as a stand-alone offering. Fidelta has the following ADME / PK capabilities: ADME services include in vitro metabolism, in vitro permeability and transporters, drug-drug interactions, binding and distribution, detailed metabolic studies. Pharmacokinetic studies include standardized and customizable studies in rodents with rapid turnaround time and high quality.

Bioanalytical services provide high-quality support across discovery and development through non-GLP bioanalysis, GLP compliant bioanalysis, and biomarker analysis. For further details on the ADME/PK services available at Fidelta, please follow the indicated links or contact us.

ADME / PK services:


Macrocyclic Library

The properties of macrocycles put them between classical small molecules and biologicals. They combine the oral bioavailability and membrane permeability of small molecules with the specificity and activity of biologicals.

The recent pharma interest has been sparked by evidence of macrocycles hitting interesting therapeutic targets with large and flexible binding regions (GPCRs and protein-protein complexes), whilst targets with overcrowded IP (like proteases and phosphatases) were recognised as an additional opportunity. At Fidelta we know our macrolides. And we can take you from an entirely new scaffold to high quality hits. Depending on your project’s specific requirements, our chemistry can produce and our pharmacology can profile the compounds using the cascade designed to complement your own portfolio.

Macrocyclic Library