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Human Primary Leukocyte Assays

Primary Leukocyte Activation

Leukocytes play an important role in the development and progression of various inflammatory diseases.  Primary leukocytes are blood cells that patrol the body and possess a potent arsenal of bactericidal agents and chemical messengers that regulate inflammation, immune responses, blood vessel formation and wound healing.

Fildelta’s Pharmacology group has developed a variety of assays on primary leukocytes as a first step of an in vitro  cascade  for the characterization of potential anti-inflammatory effects of  new drugs.

Our portfolio for leukocyte activation covers various types of immune responses with multiple readouts and  endpoints. Most of the assays are highly flexible in terms of set up and adaptable. Applying experience and expertise, Fidelta offers customized assay development as need.

Primary cells
Available read-outs
  • Whole blood
  • Various pro-inflammatory stimuli:
  • 3H-thymidine incorporation
  • Isolated PBMCs
    • LPS, fMLP,
  • Isolated granulocytes
    • TNFα, IFNγ,  IL-8,
  • Flow cytometry
  • Isolated monocytes
    • PMA, PHA,
  • Multiplex cytokine/chemokine assays
  • Isolated T-cells
    • etc.
  • RT-qPCR
  • Antibodies: aCD3/aCD28

Whole Blood

Flow cytometric measurement of activation (CD11b Activation Epitope expression) and degranulation (CD66b expression) on CD45+CD16high+ human peripheral blood neutrophils  stimulated by chemoatractant.
Cmpd A and Cmpd B dose-dependently inhbited the activated neutrophil immunophenotype.




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