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Supporting your drug discovery

Your project is important. If entrusted to us, it will be given the attention it deserves through personalized project management. At the end of the day, we are acutely aware that only a satisfied and successful customer is likely to return.

Contact us if you are looking for an experienced and reliable European partner for drug discovery solutions. We offer high-end science at competitive prices in one of the following ways:

Our stand-alone chemistry services are universal and can be used regardless of your line of business: pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food, cosmetic or other chemical company.

Why choose Fidelta chemistry team?

Anyone can do easy chemistry. If you want, we can do it too. Our speciality, however, is finding solutions to complex chemical problems. Our history has given us the ability to work with complex natural products such as macrolides as well as making targeted specific small molecules with the biological and physicochemical properties to progress along the drug discovery route. With the access to relevant scientific journals and search engines, we stay abreast of the newest trends in chemistry.

Reflecting our global market orientation, all of our researchers speak English fluently and all of our scientific reports and laboratory notebooks are written in English. The end result is that we boast high-end science performed according to EHS regulations and highest data integrity standards.

By choosing our services you gain:
  • Expert synthetic, analytical, computational and medicinal chemistry
  • Sense of urgency in delivering results
  • Pro-active strategy in problem solving
  • Process transparency from project kick-off to report generation
  • Clear communication
  • Flexibility

What made us who we are?

Fidelta chemistry team consists of many different people who have one thing in common: at some point in our lives each and every one of us decided to dedicate a large portion of our time to chemistry. The constant learning and decades of working in a dynamic, ever-changing environment has made us experts in different branches of chemistry – organic synthesis, medicinal, analytical and computational, but we also gained insight into the ways of working in big pharma, biotech, generic companies and contract research organizations. This path created a close-knit chemistry team oriented towards collaboration and giving support to each other, but also encouraged the interdisciplinary cooperation with the experts in biochemistry, biology, medicine, molecular biology, medicinal biochemistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

Always the part of a multicultural environment we have learned how to work shoulder to shoulder with colleagues in different countries (on different continents), speaking different languages, and having meetings in different time zones. We have become flexible and quick to react, while our enthusiasm for science has made us specialists in finding solutions for demanding complex chemical problems.


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